How to have a unique lead guitar sound

Do you want to have a unique lead guitar sound? Want a hot tip?

If so, steal. However, don’t steal from just one source. If you stole from just one source, you’ll sound exactly like the person you stole from. Others will say “you sound just like…”

To get a unique lead guitar sound…

…steal from as many people as you possibly can. And you don’t even have to limit your influences to other guitarists. Steal from other musicians – violinists, saxophone players, whatever! The more, the merrier, since the more musicians you steal from, the more unique your lead guitar sound will be!

I’ve stolen from everyone from Randy Rhoads to Tchaikovsky. I strongly suggest you at least pick your top 10 songs. They don’t even have to be guitar related. Learn to play those songs. That exercise will do wonders to help you gain your own unique lead guitar sound.

I’ve taken from other genres too. I’ve stolen a lot from the Blues to Classical music and everything in between.

Roman from Astral Eyes explaining how to get a unique lead guitar sound

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