Is the Soul Preacher pedal good for Metal guitar sustain?

So you ask, is the Electro-Harmonix Soul Preacher pedal any good for Metal lead guitar sustain? And I answer “no.”

I’m sure it’s a wonderful compression pedal for Funk. I love Electro-Harmonix as a company. But for increasing your sustain, it’s just not that good.


Watch the video:

Soul Preacher review for Metal lead guitar

Alright. I’ll explain why.

You need more sustain. Therefore, you buy a sustain pedal. Or you get a better amp. Or you buy a heavier guitar.

You can do any of those things to improve your sustain. Since we’re talking about sustain pedals, is the Soul Preacher pedal any good?

For heavily distorted Metal lead guitar, no. It’s awful.

Too much noise

You’ll see me adjust the settings. I try out the pedal with full sustain with all three attacks.

No luck. It’s a bad pedal because there’s too much noise. And, the sustain improvement is quite minimal. It’s simply not enough to fight with all that noise.

You’ll hear it in the video. The noise is very apparent.

Roman Astral Eyes reviews Soul Preacher pedal

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