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Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress guitar pedal review

Have you ever heard of the Electric Mistress guitar pedal? If not, you need to. It’s a guitar effects pedal by Electro-Harmonix that features both chorus and flanger guitar effects.

I stumbled upon the company by accident. I was trying to see if anyone still made effects pedals in America. It’s something that’s important to me. As someone who has had their job sent overseas, I care about American workers.

Anyways, you could be out of the country. Or you don’t care. Whatever. You’re probably only concerned about whether or not it sounds good. Which is fine.

Electric Mistress review

So enough about politics. I’ll talk about the pedal itself.

The Electric Mistress is a guitar pedal that has both chorus and flanger effects. You could set the chorus all the way up and the flanger at 25%, reverse that, use all or not, or whatever. It’s very versatile as you can play around with any combination of those effects.

How does it sound? Watch the video:

I rarely use effects. Therefore, there’s not much of a sample of me using it on our debut album. It’s because I generally plug in straight to the amp.

However, if you’re an effects guy, definitely check out the video. I go in depth and give plenty of example of its usage.


Roman is the founder of the band Astral Eyes and the Romantic Metal genre.

Roman Astral Eyes

Is the Soul Preacher pedal good for Metal guitar sustain?

So you ask, is the Electro-Harmonix Soul Preacher pedal any good for Metal lead guitar sustain? And I answer “no.”

I’m sure it’s a wonderful compression pedal for Funk. I love Electro-Harmonix as a company. But for increasing your sustain, it’s just not that good.


Watch the video:

Soul Preacher review for Metal lead guitar

Alright. I’ll explain why.

You need more sustain. Therefore, you buy a sustain pedal. Or you get a better amp. Or you buy a heavier guitar.

You can do any of those things to improve your sustain. Since we’re talking about sustain pedals, is the Soul Preacher pedal any good?

For heavily distorted Metal lead guitar, no. It’s awful.

Too much noise

You’ll see me adjust the settings. I try out the pedal with full sustain with all three attacks.

No luck. It’s a bad pedal because there’s too much noise. And, the sustain improvement is quite minimal. It’s simply not enough to fight with all that noise.

You’ll hear it in the video. The noise is very apparent.

Roman Astral Eyes reviews Soul Preacher pedal